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Growing up, I watched my father operate different kinds of business to support me and my siblings. I never realized how hard it was to run a business until I walked into his shoes.

Back then, in the 80s, girls were supposed to be girls, but I knew that one day, I would be just like my father which I am proud to fulfill my wish now. I thank God for his blessing to make it happen.

As an entrepreneur, I joined the restaurant industry, in 2004 which I spent most of my years working, and adding more ideas into it; throughout the years, I remember my father’s word

“berchi!” which still encourages me to keep going.

With that being said, as much as I had so much fun working with faced many challenges in my life, It is very important to me to carry on my father’s legacy and If the next generation (now 4,5,6, yrs old and the teenagers), want to join me on keeping their father’s, grandfather and great grand father’s legacy, there is and will be plenty of room for them.

My business is dedicated to my beloved father who passed away in 2009 in American Calendar, 2001 in Ethiopian Calendar.

My Dad was definitely the root of my inspiration to become an enterpreneur. His story is one of love, passion. charity and sacrifice. In his children and grandchildren, he has left a legacy that will be hard to surpass. But try we must.

I have created two links paying tribute to my father. The first, the story of his amazing life, the second, a message from his beloved daughter. I hope you are inspired by his story.

Mr. Tamrat was born in Ethiopia, a place called Holeta Genet, Ethiopian calendar, on senei 12/1917. His mother was wizero Asefa Ketemash Tesema, and father, Basha Medemdemia Nadew. They were both from a tribe called Menth and Yefat.

When Mr. Tamrat became old enough for school, he attended a traditional school which is at Kidane Meherit, and he studied a Christian religion language called (kenie) and he graduated and moved to Degazmach Mengesha Yelima elementary school to complete his education from 1st grade through 8th grade, and he continued his education in the evening while he worked during day time.

When Mr. Tamrat was old enough to to start his own family, he got married to Miss Asrat Werku in, Ethiopian calendar, Meiazia 30th/ 1941, and moved to Addis Ababa. He was hired to work in a sweet factory called "Carmela Fabrica" which was located in the center of the large marketing mall area, in Addiss Abeba called " Merkato Amedy Gebeya". and after working as an employee for years, he got the opportunity to take a partnership with the owner which he eventually took 100% ownership.

The factory, "Keremela Fabrica", became very well known, in Ethiopia. The factory was run by many employees and made chewing gum and hard candies, but most of all, it was very well known for making mint candies. Mr. Tamrat was very kind and caring to his employees, and to him, they were a part of his family.

After many years of working, the factory was taken in possession of a communist regime, but Mr. Tamrat continued to work for a while. Eventually, he decided to walk away, but he continued his career in business and went ahead and opened a farm nearby an Addis Ababa airport called Bole.

The farm also became successful by also distributing milk to many small businesses who depend on serving their customers’ needs. Mr. Tamrat was not only supporting his family by working so hard, but he was also always there to make sure that everyone was safe and happy.

Kefitenea 14, Kebele 21 was one of Mr. Tamrat's residence where he lived for many years with his wife, Miss Asrat Worku. They gave birth to 12 children (6 boys and 6 girls).

As usual, even when it was a difficult time to Ethiopian people, during 1970-1973 Ethiopian calendar, Mr. Tamrat created a soccer team called “Beret Lebes" to keep most young ones happy with sport. It became a positive influence to so many in the community. One other difference he made in the community is that he also opened a tea house called "Shy Bet", which kept many young men indoors and also created jobs for a few young ones. During that difficult time, Mr. Tamrat also didn't forget the ones who were in jail and didn't have a family to take care of them, and he used his own money to make sure they were fed. He also helped many to be freed. He was like a father for so many. His kindness and care was unconditional. For his kindness and so many great efforts, he was recognized and awarded from a chairman of Addis Ababa (kentiba):

Mr. Tamrat had also one wish, which is to build a church to his hometown, so people can gather and worship. He took time on weekends and used his free time by driving a few hours to his hometown, Holeta, where he planned to take Gebreale's tabot, which was sharing a church with Kidane Meheret, so that Gabriel could have his own church. Mr. Tamrat, eventually, started building the church.

As his children became grown up and independent, he sold the farm and he spent more time on finishing up the church so it would be ready for public. Many more of his friends participated by donating money to cover the costs which helped to complete the church. Iin Ethiopian calendar, Ginbot 19/1968 the church was opened for public and the Gebreal Tabot moved in.

Mr. Tamrat celebrated his 60th wedding anniversary with Miss Werku in American calendar, 2009. He lived a happy life. He visited Italy and the United States a few times.

Why soon to go away???

  Abayee, (Daddy)
I wake up every morning and
I still can't believe it you are gone.
I didn't get a chance to see you before you left
I didn't get to tell you how much
I was proud to have you as a father.

I didn't get a chance to give you
a hug and kiss to say good bye

I didn't get to tell you I was sorry
for the mistakes I made in my life

I am so sad, and I feel so much pain
to find out my complete life is over

I miss your words "Berchi Legie!"
encouraging me which kept me going

I miss your words "yet abatuwa hedech?"
when you were looking for me

I miss your words " Gosh!"
when you were proud of me

I miss you word " yemibela yelem?"
when you wanted to eat

Aba, Will I ever hear your voice saying,
" menim aydel legie" (It is okay my baby)

For me not to come sooner
is one thing I regret

It broke my heart to find out
that you didn't want to wait

Father, I would give up my life for you to stay

good bye is not what I want to say,
they say, yesterday is a history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
and today is a gift;
that is why they call it a 'present'
so, every day will be a gift to me
and I will keep your memories
as the greatest present to my life
And, I promise you to work every day
of my life in the memory of you,
till I get there to see you !

I will always love you
one of yours forever !
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